Collection 49



Collection 49 shows a colour chart with 49 different colours in glass derived from residues collected from soil - rich in iron and other minerals - and different types of earth found around Europe. The colours show the richness of the landscape representing the different natural resources and possibilities of glass as a material.


In order to turn them into glass colours, the raw materials have been dried and ground, made into recipes and added to the glass. The ceramic contains the liquid glass in the process.


The 49 pieces placed in a grid form a repetition and the eye can focus on the various nuances in glass both individually and together as a whole. The light is reflected in the fractures of the massive glass. The consistent repetition of shades of glass disengages glass from being just glass and makes an atmosphere that leaves space for the imagination of the observer.


The ceramic ''pot'' (crucible) becomes a simple, uniform container, strictly representing the sense of a small pond. There is something aqueous about glass – the depth, the surface, the transparency, and the reflection of light, the liquidity and the solidity in its frozen state.


The glass nuances bear witness of the richness of nature and of glass as a material originating from nature.


February 2016