Raw Materials



We have created a colour chart of glass nuances and natural subtleties in ceramics, using earthbound materials we excavate by hand. This is a key element of our work – colouring glass with natural materials stands out against today’s industry, where materials and products are coloured with toxic additives. Our aim of using raw materials directly from the Earth, is to create colours and decorations in a natural palette.




We have an extended and on-going research on how we can use the materials that surround us. We have been searching for material and its capabilities and so far this search has given us the possibility to understand nature’s character better and to explore nature’s capacities in creating new materials. Seen from a greater perspective, these materials give us a recognition and understanding of nature and a reference to history, from where we have come from to where we are now.




We work with nuances and subtleties from nature and this method forms the foundation of our aesthetics.