Nuances in glass


Colour theory  /  The development of green colour charts in glass



The nuances we create are derived from residues obtained from different types of ‘’earthbound’’ materials (such as clay, sand and stone) collected on our way around Europe. The colour chart shows the richness of the landscape, representing the different natural resources and the possibilities within colour development in glass as a material.



The materials are excavated by hand, then processed (rinsed, ground, sifted, weighed) before being mixed in batches and melted with the glass, in order to turn these earthbound materials into usable glass-colours. The variations in colour display geological and geographical references in their nuances; this characterises our work in glass.



Nuance: A slight or delicate variation in tone, colour, shade, a subtle difference.



We are continuously experimenting, researching and developing our colour chart of green nuances in glass.