14 . 11 . 2018

noma 2.0



We are pleased to be one of the craftsmen behind the production of tableware for noma 2.0 in Copenhagen. For more than one year Johanne has been assisting Jason Svendsen at his Copenhagen based studio at Frederiksberg, where the two have been producing more than 2000 glasses, seven different models.

The glasses are designed by Nina Nørgaard in collaboration with Mads Kleppe from noma 2.0.





1 . 6 . 2018

Toyama - Copenhagen



With support from Statens Kunstfond we travelled to Japan for three months to investigate the ceramic materials and the Japanese craft traditions.



We visited craftsmen within different fields (paper, metal, glass, ceramics, lacquer) and got inspired by the Japanese  culture. We would like to thank all the kind people whom we have met, being so generous to us.


For the coming months we will continue to work on our ceramic research that started in Japan in Peter Ivy's glass studio in Toyama (with the Japanese geological materials we collected and imported ) to show our Japanese glass colours at Gallery A. Petersen in Copenhagen, opening the fall of 2018 - 28. February 2019.


The Toyama Science Museum requested a part of our research materials, now as part of their permanent collection.




1 . 12 . 2017

Crafts Magazine


Our flasks are mentioned in the latest issue of Crafts Magazine referring to the colour-palette we developed as a beguiling tribute to the colour palette available in nature. Gathering clays from across the continent to create series of refined porcelain flasks. November/December 2017 Issue Crafts, page 24.


Our flasks are part of the Ceramics and its Dimensions exhibition, Shaping the Future, touring Europe for two years.



7 . 10 . 2017

Bornholm World Craft Region



Producing liquid glasses and glass blocks for Creative Food Studio that will open their doors at the Dutch Design Week 21. - 29. October 2017.

Masterchef finalist Naresh Ramdjas and fashionduo AnoukxVera kindly invite you to a gastronomical food experience and exposition which adheres to the principle of the new “experimental dining” movement in the culinary landscape.


Consider yourself an explorer and experience how the boundaries between food and design fade and the two components blend together and form a visual spectacle.