Hand  Tool  Glass



Glass exists in several stages from liquid to solid. The material reaches high temperatures when brought into its liquid state in order to be formed. In this state we are not able to touch the material with our hands. In this context the tool becomes the extension of the body to form the material. It is the many steps between liquid to solid that determine the impressions left behind by a tool. It is the interference of a tool touching the glass that results in a mark on the glass. And it is the mark that results in visualising the material's qualities and even properties, the evidence of the maker.


Our specific created tools reveal both the role in making and material features. We have created tools to expose qualities of glass and present here tool and glass next to each other to reveal the relation between maker and material. It is the tool that forms, like the pencil that makes a sketch or drawing.


Our glassware give a sense of how the glass has been shaped and in what state the glass has been worked on. It works on our perception and intuition, revealing a glimpse of the material's nature or performance before it got its final form.



June 2016